How To Find The Best 1000 Piece Puzzles For Adults

Do you find yourself Googling '1000 Piece Puzzles For Adults' when looking for a new puzzle? We understand that there may be a shred of embarrassment when you go to look for a new puzzle and have to add 'for adults' at the end of the search. It can take so long to find a puzzle that will stimulate you at a higher level, plus online shopping for one can dodge any physical embarrassment for looking for one. But you deserve to find that perfect puzzle and relax for a few minutes, or hours, with a nice challenging puzzle! Sometimes a nice 1000 piece puzzle for adults is just the thing to step away from all the 'adulting'. In essence of that, we are here to give you some tips on how to find the best 1000 piece puzzles for adults!

stock image 1000 piece puzzle for adults

  • Find a puzzle that will take you hours, if not days to complete

You want the puzzle to at least act as a challenge, plus with your busy adult schedule you don't want something you can complete in one sitting. Try and find a puzzle that you can pick up and work on when you have the free time or need to step away from work!

  • Find a puzzle with unique colors and a very similar palette for added difficulty

Finding a puzzle that has unique, more mature colors can really make the difference in our mind. We tend to associate primary colors with more elementary things, so stay towards nice developed palettes. For an added challenge, pick something that has a very monochromatic coloring.

  • Stick to puzzles with non-traditional shapes, abstract shapes with no rhyme or reason

If you're looking for an even further challenge, look for puzzles with patterns or designs that stick to non-traditional shapes. Blobs and imperfect angles can make the full puzzle feel much more mature and complex.

  • Pick a puzzle that will compliment your living space, consider the possibility of gluing it down and hanging it up somewhere

Make your puzzle investment worth it, get the most out of your money! Once the puzzle is finished, think about gluing it down and putting it up in your home. If you're planning for that, make sure the puzzle you choose fits the aesthetic of your space.

  • Find a puzzle or puzzle brand that stands for something you believe in

When picking a puzzle, consider looking at the brand and what it stands for. See if the brand stands for something specific that you believe in and want your money to support!

  • Pick a puzzle that truly inspires you, the final image sparks joy for you

You can't judge a book by its cover, but a puzzle can easily be judged by its box. Pick a puzzle with a final image that will endlessly fill you with happiness to look at! If you're planning on hanging it up, this is even more important to consider. Treat the final image as another painting in your home.

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Grab a 1000 piece puzzle for adults, put out a charcuterie board, and grab a glass of wine to make any puzzle for adults!