How Are Jigsaw Puzzles Made? From Piece To Puzzle

Have you ever looked at a finished jigsaw and thought how are those pieces even made?

We know we definitely have, so to bring the answer to you we've done a deep dive into how jigsaw puzzles are made!

There are a variety of ways that jigsaw puzzles are made, but they all start from a similar background.

It begins with the art; either hand painted, digitally created, or photographed. The puzzle itself would be nothing without having an eye-grabbing piece of art. Here at Lemonade Pursuits we have a number of talented female artists create the abstract and beautiful designs you see on our puzzles!

How Are Jigsaw Puzzles Made Female Artists

While the process and inspiration of each artist is different, the beautiful work that displays on each puzzle is what keeps us coming back for more.

Once the puzzle art is printed, a material needs to be selected for the puzzle base. Whether it is a strong paper, wood, or cardboard, the puzzle base must provide the recognizable satisfying click once each piece is connected. At Lemonade Pursuits, we pride ourselves on using top-notch materials to make your self-care puzzling time even more satisfying. 

The point of when the printed design is cut into each individual piece is where the processes of making each puzzle can differ.

There are about five different methods of how the puzzles are cut into the individual pieces. Some companies use a metal grid that then applies pressure to cut the full printed design into a puzzle with each individual piece. This method is typical of mass produced puzzle companies.

Some companies opt to have their puzzles cut with a scroll saw, or a jig saw. This method is typical of small wood puzzle companies. This is where the name comes from for typical jigsaw puzzles!

Lemonade Pursuits How Are Jigsaw Puzzles Made Cuttings

Few companies use an incredibly rare method of cutting their puzzles via hand-cut X-ACTO tools. Considered an art by many, this way of cutting puzzles is not easy or common place. This method is used primarily by artists and incredibly small independent companies.

More regularly, puzzles are being cut with lasers. With code created to create unique puzzle piece shapes, laser cut methods can be used to quickly cut the printed designs.

Lastly, some puzzles are created using a "random cut" method. This method implores creating pieces with unique curves and edges to make the pieces differ from the regular 4-sided, angular puzzle pieces.

Once the puzzles are cut, they are packaged and shipped off to the customer with care!

Lemonade Pursuits How Are Jigsaw Puzzles Made Finish Product

To think that puzzles take a considerable amount of time to design and create is fascinating.

The puzzle making process is truly unique to the industry! Here at Lemonade Pursuits we take great care and love throughout the entire puzzle making process!