How To: Frame A Jigsaw Puzzle

So you've finished your prized 1000 piece puzzle and now you're trying to figure out what to do with it!

You don't want to just shove it back into the box, you want to display it somewhere. You remember having a family jigsaw puzzle framed when you were younger, but you never really questioned how they did it until now, staring at the completed puzzle and thinking 'now what?' While framing a jigsaw puzzle sounds strangely difficult for some reason, we've done yet another deep dive into puzzle topics!

how to frame a jigsaw puzzle lemonade pursuitsWe've collected all of the secret tips and tricks along with the step by step directions! Now it is here where we proudly present to you our research so you can get that puzzle up on the wall for all of your guests to appreciate and for you to think, am I turning into my parents? Let's go!


First and foremost you're going to need a puzzle, while we hope you've found this because you already have a puzzle that you want to frame we understand we all go through things our own way! If you're in need of a jigsaw puzzle that's frame worthy, we offer a number of unique and artistic puzzles that can be proudly displayed in your home!

Here is a list of things you'll need:

  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Puzzle Glue
  • A Good Frame
  • A backing material
  • A Ruler
  • Wax paper (optional)
  • Paint brush/sponge (Optional)
  • Rolling pin (optional)
  • Wall hanging kit (optional)

The steps:

1. Finish Your Puzzle!

While it may seem easier to glue down your puzzle as you work, this is a pretty horrible way of going about it! You'll want to have you puzzle finished completely before you take any steps to frame it, this includes gluing it down. Once your puzzle is finished you're going to want to make sure it is completely flat! If your using a rolling pin, this is when it comes on it!

2. Measure Your Puzzle!

how to frame a jigsaw puzzle article

Using the ruler, make sure you're getting accurate measurements of the dimension of your puzzle. Don't just rely on the measurements given on the puzzle box, as someone who's gone to buy frames from what a posters dimensions say I can guarantee you printed measurements lie sometimes! Make sure you write down the measurements of your puzzle, this must include the thickness of your puzzle's pieces!

3. Cut Out The Backing Material And Wax Paper

Using your collected measurements you're going to want to cut out the backing material you are using, a nice strong paper (card stock or something similar) makes a good backing material. If using the wax paper, go ahead and cut out a section of it to the same dimensions! It may be wise to go for a thinner backing material unless you want to add to the thickness of your puzzle measurement.

4. Time To Glue Your Puzzle!

Now it's time to glue your puzzle together, don't be scared of going at it! Some puzzle glue comes with an easy application tool, such as a little sponge tip that can be dragged across the puzzle. Some puzzle glue just comes in a regular container and you'll need to use either a paint brush or paint sponge to distribute the glue evenly across the entire puzzle. Either way you need to ensure your puzzle is completely covered in glue!

5. Allow The Puzzle To Dry

Now you just gotta kick back and let the glue do it's work! While you're waiting you can look for a good frame for your jigsaw puzzle! We'll provide more tips on what to look for in frames later. You'll want your puzzle to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before continuing. Sleep well and dream of how beautiful your puzzle will look in your living room!

6. Stack Your Dried Puzzle Onto The Backing Material

Line up the backing material to your fully dried puzzle! If your using the wax paper, apply it between the backing material and the actual puzzle. The wax paper simply adds extra support to your puzzle.

7. Open Your Puzzle Frame And Slap It In!

Open up your puzzle frame, with caution, using whatever method your frame calls for. Once it's open put the stacked puzzle with wax paper and backing material into your frame!

how to frame a jigsaw puzzle article

8. Close Your Puzzle Frame And Be Amazed!

Go ahead and close up your frame and be proud of yourself and what you've accomplished! Give yourself a pat on the back for not only finishing a beautiful puzzle, but also for committing to it and framing it! Acknowledge that you've given yourself time to focus on something that makes you happy and be proud of that too!

9. Hang It Up For Display!

Choose your favorite empty wall and use the wall hanging kit (or whatever hanging method you prefer) to display your beautiful work of art! You have successfully framed your jigsaw puzzle!

how to frame a jigsaw puzzle article

Other Tips And Tricks!

Picking Out A Puzzle Glue

The glue matters! This glue is going everywhere on your puzzle so it's important that it provides it with strength and also a good finish! Be sure that you know what your puzzle glue's finish looks like. If you want, test out the glue's finish on another puzzle piece first. Whether you want a nice glossy finish, or a matte finish, you'll need to find a puzzle glue that supports that dream.

Picking Out A Puzzle Frame

Please, I don't know how much we can reiterate this point, do not just trust the measurements of your puzzle that are given on the box! Take the measurements yourself and write them down, include the thickness of your puzzle and the backing material used. When it comes to picking the right puzzle frame it's important to remember that a puzzle is much thicker than a regular picture. While there are frames designed specifically for puzzles, this option can be a little more expensive. Consider using a shadowbox frame, that allows you to have more space than a regular picture frame does. Whatever frame you pick, make sure that it has enough space for your puzzle!

how to frame a jigsaw puzzle article

If You Want To Avoid Glue

We know that the sound of painting glue all over your puzzle doesn't sound like the most aesthetically pleasing thing, you may want to avoid glue all together. If that's the case you need to understand that you'll still need a backing, and that puzzle frames do exist that don't require the use of glue. These frames are usually an expense to acquire, but if you hate the gluing process that much you can find the frames online!

You've Done It! You've Framed A Jigsaw Puzzle!

Now you're a jigsaw puzzle framing expert! Go out and frame more jigsaw puzzles! Help friends frame their jigsaw puzzles! Go buck wild and have fun! We hope we've been able to help you in the process of framing a jigsaw puzzle!