How To: Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle (personalized jigsaw puzzle)

How To: Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

We hear you, you have a jigsaw puzzle and it's complete.It was fun to do but now what, you want to spend more time with it but what more can you do?

Why not make it a personalized jigsaw puzzle?

Any completed jigsaw puzzle can be personalized to make it more than just another puzzle in your collection. It just takes a bit of time and creativity to make your jigsaw puzzle stand out from the rest. Whether you're looking to make almost a completely unrecognizable piece of art, or you're looking for small little changes you can make to make your puzzle different, we've got you covered! Here are some ideas you can use to make a personalized jigsaw puzzle.

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle Article

Use A Different Puzzle Glue Finish TO Personalize Your Jigsaw Puzzle

If you're looking for small changes you can make to your puzzle, these first two ideas are for you. When you're going through the process of putting together your jigsaw puzzle (here's an article on how to frame your jigsaw puzzle if you're needing assistance with that) there are many opportunities to personalize your jigsaw puzzle. You'll need to pick a puzzle glue that is your desired finish. Some puzzle glue have a different color tint that can be used to personalize your jigsaw puzzle slightly.

You can also find puzzle glue that has different colors sparkles or glitter! Also ensure that you are using a puzzle glue that has either a matte or glossy finish, whichever one is your desired look. Also, who says you can mix your own things into the puzzle glue before you apply it liberally across your puzzle? Throw in anything you think can make it feel more like your style!

Pick Out A Very Unique Puzzle Frame

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle Frame

Another idea for those looking for minimal work to personalize their jigsaw puzzle. The frame that you pick out to display the puzzle can add such a unique element to your finished product! Whether you make or decorate the frame yourself, or you're just looking for a very unique frame for your unique puzzle, the frame you choose will make your puzzle have an entirely different feel.

Choose a frame that will either juxtapose or complement the subject of the puzzle. If your puzzle is more of a floral puzzle, consider going into an industrial frame with metallic accents. If your puzzle is a subject of a building or place, consider using a more natural frame, a dark wood or sanded material. Your frame can be as gaudy or simplistic as you want!

Paint On The Puzzle To Make A Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

Now if you're really looking to go the extra mile to make a personalized jigsaw puzzle, why not just paint on it! Add your own artistic license and vision to any jigsaw puzzle, highlight elements of the puzzle that you love. Do you have a part of the puzzle you absolutely hate? Paint over it and add something you love! Add your own lines that compliment the natural design of the puzzle. Your only limited by your creativity! There is no wrong or right way to take on this personalization project.

Write On The Puzzle To Personalize It

Another bigger idea you could incorporate to personalize your jigsaw puzzle is to simply start writing on it! Does the puzzles art remind you of a poem you love, a quote you live by, or a song lyric? Why not write it across the puzzle. Whether you place the words along the outside of the puzzle, want it to spiral around one section of the puzzle, or just want to have it pressed to the side of the puzzle. Writing on your puzzle makes it a lot more personal and unique. Use your best handwriting and get at it!

Leave Pieces Of The Puzzle Out Or Rearrange Sections

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle Leave Pieces Out

Now this idea will take a bit more brain power than any of the other suggestions for personalizing your jigsaw puzzle. If you're okay with silently re-doing your entire puzzle this idea is for you. Consider leaving out some of the pieces in the puzzle, now this needs to look deliberate in order for it to look successful. Maybe you have puzzle pieces that have the heads of little characters, or there's a central section you think would look cool without it being complete. Consider taking those sections out, to be used in other artistic projects, and instead framing the puzzle with a different backing to fill in that space.

You could also find pieces that are similar and replace them to make your puzzle look more abstract and disjointed, in an artistic way. Rearrange entire sections of the puzzle to make it look crazy, not crazy in a bad way, but crazy in a cool fun way! Again, this idea for a personalized jigsaw puzzle is a little more complex, but the finished product could be something very unique for your space!

So, what are you waiting for? Try personalizing one of your jigsaw puzzles. Once you finish you'll know you have a puzzle that is unlike any other puzzle, regardless of how common it is!