How To Relax Your Mind With Puzzles

How To Relax Your Mind With Puzzles

For some of us, relaxing with a good puzzle in hand is easy. Whether you have trouble finding yourself relaxing or you want to learn how to relax even further when working on a puzzle, look no further! While relaxing should be something that comes easy to us, it honestly isn't! Relaxing is not at all as simple as they make it seem. If you've ever tried just simply relaxing you may have tried yoga, meditation, or just sitting down on focusing on one thing.

how to relax your mind with puzzles article

Yet relaxing seems so hard when you really start to try it. Why?

With our busy schedules and constantly milling about, some of us no longer have the luxury of knowing what it feels like to relax! We can't put the phone down without picking it back up at the first ring, or work keeps getting in the way, or we just feel restless like we can't allow ourselves the few minutes we need to decompress and just RELAX!

First of all let's get one thing straight, you deserve the time to relax your mind.

how to relax your mind with puzzles

Not only for the sake of your mental and physical health, but just because you deserve it! With as many things you put up with in one day, you need to allow yourself a few unadulterated moments of pure and utter relaxation. Puzzles are a great way to do that and a great way of practicing how to relax. We've done a deep dive into relaxation practices in order to write this article and help everyone here start practicing getting into a relaxed state of consciousness.

Mindfulness exercises are your gateway into relaxing!

Mindfulness exercise are what we want you to focus on, to learn how to relax your mind with puzzles. The next time you're working on a puzzle, do so in silence. Turn off the TV, your music, your cellphone, and just focus on working on your puzzle. While working on the puzzle try not to allow your mind to stray from the puzzle. If you catch yourself thinking about what you need to do to cook dinner or how you need to go to sleep early so you can wake up for work on time, try to pull yourself back to the puzzle immediately.

how to relax your mind with puzzle mindfulness exercises

While you're working through this start asking yourself some questions about the puzzle. How does the puzzle pieces feel in your hand? How do the puzzle pieces feel when they snap together? What details do you see in the puzzle that relax you? Is there a certain sound of pieces sliding on the table, or the satisfying click of pieces? Do the pieces have a smell to them or art on the puzzle that make you think of a certain smell? Maybe there's some kind of food in the puzzle art, can you taste what that would taste like?

Asking yourself questions like those above will keep you more grounded and focused on your puzzle. Practice this exercise when you're drinking tea, or laying in a nice bath. The more you practice mindfulness exercise, the easier relaxing will seem since you're able to hold yourself in the present moment!

Don't get frustrated at yourself if you find yourself straying away from the puzzle or thinking of something else!

how to relax your mind with puzzles you deserve it

Learning how to relax your mind is a process, the more you work on a puzzle and work on your exercises the more it will come to you! Soon you'll be able to relax your mind at the drop of a hat and feel more present and calm.

We hope that the next time you want to work on a puzzle to relax, you're able to think of a few ways that interacting with it can pull your focus and help you stay in the moment! You deserve to feel relaxed and peaceful, in a world that won't make the space for you to feel those things it's up to you to make that space for yourself because you deserve it!