How To Shop For Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Shopping for jigsaw puzzles online can get overwhelming fast!

But it doesn't have to be! There are a few things you need to look for when getting a jigsaw puzzle online. We're here to give you a rundown on what you need to look for or keep in mind when shopping around for the next puzzle in your collection! While with online shopping your choice of what jigsaw puzzle to order next is to excess, you know there are only a select few that you are willing to buy. What aspects of quality do you have for the puzzle? Here are 6 things we could think of to help you determine what's important when shopping for jigsaw puzzles online!

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When shopping for jigsaw puzzles online look at the puzzle's finish

jigsaw puzzles online

Everyone's desired puzzle finish is going to be different, depending on the kind of person you are being able to tell what the puzzle's finish is can make or break the choice for you. Nothing is worse than ordering a jigsaw puzzle online that you think is a nice clean matte finish, only to be met by a very glossy puzzle that has a weird reflection on it.

While the pictures of the puzzle can be either edited or not clear enough to tell you what the pieces finish is, looking in the description can be quite helpful. Some puzzle companies only deal in one type of puzzle finish, the company information section or frequently asked questions page may give better descriptions on the puzzles!

What does the overall puzzle art do for you?

While you shouldn't judge a book solely by it's cover, a puzzle can tell you a lot just from the quality of its art. Does the art look like something you could easily find at a store down the road, or is it something that is truly unique? If you're investing the money and time to wait for the puzzle to be delivered it must be something you can't find anywhere near you.

Is the art something that you can turn into a functional piece in your house after you finish it? Do the dimensions, color, and style fit the current aesthetic of your home? It's also important to consider the long-term use of the puzzle. If you are able to get more for your money and frame the puzzle for use as decor in your home it's a more sound investment!

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When shopping for jigsaw puzzles online look at  how the pieces are cut

I have been guilty of buying a puzzle online and having not realized that the puzzle pieces were cut in such awkward and complex designs. It made the puzzle experience a lot less satisfying. Some pieces were just placed next to each other instead of clicking into place like a regular jigsaw puzzle. Make sure to pay attention to how the pieces are cut! Look to see if there are product images that include a sample of the individual pieces.

What can you tell about the piece thickness and quality?

It can be so compelling to see a jigsaw puzzle that has a great piece of art on it and is at a very cheap price! Telling your friends about the great deal that you just got online shopping, only to be met by either a flimsy cardboard quality puzzle or even worse a more papery like quality. If at all possible look for clues as to what the pieces quality are like.

Break through all of the reviews and see if anyone says anything about the pieces being a strong and sturdy material. The wrong puzzle piece quality can ruin the puzzle all together regardless of the art or the price associated with it!

Is there anything that your jigsaw puzzle online company does that's special?

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Your dollar has power to it! Even more so in the digital age where you're able to shop for jigsaw puzzles online. When choosing a puzzle company to support look to see if there is anything special that the company does with their profit. Maybe you find a puzzle company that helps support children's education, or helps endangered animals!

Here at Lemonade Pursuits we pride ourselves on being able to support female artists and giving them a platform to showcase their art! The continued support of our customers helps us continue supporting them.

Are there reviews for the jigsaw puzzle online as well?

You could skip the entire rest of everything we just said and you would still know that the reviews are the golden hoard of information on the products. While some companies may not have reviews, those that do are a gold mine of wisdom! What words do they use when describing the product? Where do they place the quality of the puzzle? Look for if more reviews have more positively connotative words than negative. At the end of the day a decision based on reviews can be a lot more accurate than anything without the puzzle directly in front of you.

We hope we were able to help you in your next search for a jigsaw puzzle online! Happy shopping and happy puzzling!