Our Best Jigsaw Puzzle Strategies

Our Best Jigsaw Puzzle Strategies

While most of you reading this are most likely jigsaw puzzle experts, some of you may be looking for guidance on how to best put together your jigsaw puzzles!

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We're here to give you some of our best jigsaw puzzle strategies! Now whether you're a jigsaw extraordinaire or a puzzle newbie, we hope you can find some wisdom in this article! So, let's get into it!

1. A Jigsaw Puzzle Strategies Staple: Start With The Edges

Now this is a rather well known strategy in the jigsaw world. Starting with the edges and creating the frame is the best way to start your puzzle. This strategy allows you to see where the colors and patterns are and begin to work on building the full structure of the rest of the puzzle. Working from the outside of the puzzle towards the center is a great strategy for organizing the puzzle!

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2. Another Jigsaw Puzzle Strategies Staple: Flip All Of The Pieces Over

Another well known tip out of all jigsaw puzzle strategies is to start by flipping all of the pieces over once you've organized the pieces from edges to center pieces. This is a pretty simple tip. Make sure you can see what's on all of the pieces. While it may be overwhelming at the beginning, having all of the pieces loose and unorganized, this is the only way you can begin organizing them. Once you've done this, you can move onto our next strategy!

3. Organize The Pieces By Color & Pattern

Now that you can see all of your lovely pieces, start organizing them. Now we have a tip later that will help you keep everything together, but for now just organize all of the pieces by color and pattern. While you may have different groups of the same color, try and group the pieces as best as you can by the correct shade of the colors. Our next strategy will help you with that.

Organizing by color and pattern will give you a quick pile to reference to for other pieces when you get further along in your puzzle. Make everything as organized as possible, some people keep different buckets for organizing by color, some just keep everything different pieces of paper that they can see the colors more clearly on.

4. Make Sure The Lighting Is Good

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This is more of an expert jigsaw puzzle strategy, your lighting choice is CRUCIAL in your puzzle building journey. You need to have a good neutral tone light that allows you to see the colors as naturally as possible. This way you're able to see the true tones of different colors. You'll be able to tell different greens apart, different reds, or whatever your puzzle has.

While it may be difficult to find the 'best' lighting for this, natural lighting and white light is going to be the best tones of lighting for you to properly see all of your colors and pieces.

5. A More Expert Jigsaw Puzzle Strategy: Make Sure Your Working Space Is Organized

Your area in which you're working is very important as well, while you may just be working on the floor or table, choosing a piece of large, white card stock or something can really make a difference in how you see the pieces. Also, putting a tarp down below your working space that can catch any pieces you've dropped can be a true lifesaver to make sure you don't lose any pieces. (but if you've ordered anything from us you'll be able to order replacement pieces!)

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6. Put Together Landmarks

Take note of the things in your puzzle that you can qualify as landmarks. Literally, take notes. Keep the puzzle box nearby while you work so you can see what parts of the puzzle stand out to you. If there are any signs or patterns that only appear once, you'll be able to put them together quickly. The more landmarks that you're able to put together, the less work you'll have filling in the spaces in between them later.

Before you know it, you'll have a completed jigsaw puzzle and your new favorite piece of wall decor!

So, did you learn something from this? We hope so!

The next time you start working on a new puzzle we hope you're able to put these strategies to use!