The Nightmare Before Thanksgiving: Shipping Logistics

It turns out, shipping logistics are complicated. Who knew? For example, if you have puzzles delivered by a truck, they’ll come on pallets and you’ll need a FORKLIFT or pallet lifter to unload them. Add those to the list of things I don’t own, along with a rolling pin and butter.

So here I am, with thousands of puzzles being delivered and no plan to receive them. And thanksgiving is around the corner which means there is NO margin for error... I started to panic yesterday. I felt stupid and scared and started crying.
16 hours later, I’ve figured it out - only with the help of my tribe. My fiancé jumped on the phone to talk me off the cliff and figure out a solution. My amazing parents got their local hardware store involved (<< people who have a forklift), my friend in Seattle offered me a place to store puzzles, my soon-to-be sister in law offered to oversee delivery, and friends who’ve offered to pack and fulfill shipments.
Thank you all for supporting me and believing in me - seriously, couldn’t do it without you!