The Rise Of Paint By Number Kits

The Rise Of Paint By Number Kits

Within the past few years, paint by number kits seem to have made a reappearance in pop culture, which may have some of you questioning, why?

What is the appeal of something that seems so elementary as a paint by number kit? Well after some light research, it seems that there are plenty of good reasons and benefits of paint by number kits. We're here to share our knowledge and clear up any confusion of why paint by number kits are making such a huge comeback!

paint by number kits

They're an all in one kit

Paint by number kits allow you to sit down with a prepackaged everything! All you need to complete the painting is in the packaging, for some paint by number kits are simply just a way to get creative and enjoy convenience. Whereas if you were endeavoring on painting by yourself, you would have to buy the canvas, brushes, paints, and anything else; the kit comes with all that one would need to start and finish with all of your accomplishments laid out before you!

Covid, duh

paint by number kits

Having been cooped up in the house for much more hours on end than we were used to, or would have liked to be, a lot of people turned to crafts and creativity. Paint by number kits are a nice low-investment hobby to keep you entertained for a few hours or days at a time! Instead of doing the old mundane regular of sitting on the couch with your favorite rom-com on, you can instead focus all of your energy into actually letting your creative energy flow.

Plus, being at home more allows us to feed our creative side further. No need to feel goofy about wanting to do a paint by number kit, or dress up just cause, or whatever else your guilty pleasure was before! Whatever floats your boat, Covid did allow us to delve deeper into it. For some that was something as simple as a paint by number kit!

They're a mental break

Regardless of how much free time you have, you still have a lot of responsibilities to uphold. Those responsibilities require so much of your daily energy and brainpower that we just need a break every now and then. What better way to recuperate your mind and thoughts than by focusing on something that is expressive and simple. Paint by number kits are that outlet for a lot of people.

paint by number kits

What better way to give yourself a break than by sitting down for a little bit and focusing on coloring a section a nice calming color? The structure and direction of a paint by number kit leaves little to be questioned, whereas our lives are so dynamic and ever-changing. In times of stress, something that we know we can just pick up and work towards a singular goal to complete is incredibly comforting and a great way to give our mind a much needed break!

We seek comfort in the familiar

This one may seem a little meta, but hear us out! You remember being a kid, sitting down with your favorite coloring book and your 100+ pack of crayons. Nothing was better than just slapping some color on that piece of paper and turning that drab black and white template into a truly popping beauty! Now that we're 'adults' the social norm isn't really for us to be sitting down with those crayons and princess coloring book (however if that's your thing it should never stop you!)

Now we seek much more mature and 'adult' alternatives. Along with adult coloring books hitting the market in storm, paint by number kits are right up there too! We seek comfort in the familiar feeling of just coloring and relaxing. We know that as children it was an outlet that was there for us to express ourselves and relax. Now as adults, who's to say we can't turn back to that simple act of expression for the same reasons!

paint by number kits

Pretty colors and patterns

While my sister would just tell me it's my 'crow brain' talking, a good pattern and color scheme really does catch the eye. Who knows, maybe there really isn't anything more than just that when it comes to this point we're trying to make. The color schemes of the painting and the patterns are sometimes just enough to say, that's pretty!

But to add more meat onto this point, paint by number kits allow even me, a notorious painting failure, to say I painted something! While I could never mix those colors properly, or even draw something as complex as some of the paint by number templates, the kits allow me the feeling of having done it myself! After all, once it's finished who's to say I didn't do it all by myself! 

Well there you have it, we did say it was light research after all. But what do you think? Is it a more complex and deep, elementary desire to just paint something, or is it just as simple as pretty color, pretty patterns?

Regardless of what your conclusion is, you can't deny that paint by number kits are back in popular demand and that the benefits of a nice relaxing time really is there!