Where To Buy Jigsaw Puzzles

Where To Buy Jigsaw Puzzles

 While it would be really easy for us to just say, 'why are you asking where to buy jigsaw puzzles? Buy puzzles from us!', it's not the most practical to ask of everyone to get jigsaw puzzles from us. It would also not be the best in building up your jigsaw puzzle collection if you only bought from one brand! So in the essence of building your jigsaw puzzle collection we're here to help you in finding where to buy jigsaw puzzles, besides our collection of gorgeous puzzles!

First and foremost, where are you looking? Online or in-person?

While it is more convenient to grab a puzzle online and the options are much more varied online, some people prefer to shop in-person. Nothing can really replicate the feeling of getting ready and going into a store with your mind focused on looking for a specific thing! Both of these have their own in's and out's so we'll be breaking this article apart by online shopping tips and in-person shopping tips.

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Where To Buy Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Reviews & Testimonials

While I believe we covered this in a previous article, I'll reiterate some of the information in a more condensed form here. This first recommendation is a no-brainer. If you want to know the true depth of the puzzle online, you can't find anywhere better than the reviews and testimonials of the puzzles and the company itself. While online shopping has given us such a luxury and convenience, it's really easy for someone to start a business that isn't too legit.

The reviews & testimonials of a puzzle and its company can tell you immediately whether or not the company is worthy of your hard-earned cash. One bad review here and there is normal, but constant reviews mentioning how hard it was to get in contact with customer service, bad packaging, or terrible quality is a red flag that it should be avoided for your safety and security!

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Quality of the Puzzles

This is a bit of a harder thing to gauge when shopping for puzzles online. How can this collection of pixels in a picture tell me anything about the true quality of a puzzle? Anything can be photoshopped to look better than it really is these days. Again, the reviews come in quite handy in trying to figure out what the true quality of the puzzle is.

Is the puzzle a good enough quality that you can easily frame it once it's complete? Is the quality good when you hold the pieces in your hand, does it give you that true satisfactory click when you're putting it together? Another thing to thing about when it comes to quality is if it's sturdy enough to give you everything you need.

If you're working with puzzles as a way of achieving peace or some sense of meditation, having a puzzle that is flimsy, or loose, or just downright weird about it can really take you out of the puzzle experience you're looking for. Look for the buzz words that are used in the reviews and product descriptions, as well as product images, to try and get the best hold of quality as you can!

Does the Company Do Anything Special?

Living in the 21st century, it's incredibly easy to spend a dollar, and your dollar has an incredible amount of power. What are you supporting or giving power to when you're spending your dollar? It's important to ask yourself that when it comes to shopping in general.

Does the puzzle company you're looking at have a special initiative or support a specific cause that you too find yourself passionate about? It may be worth to buy a puzzle from a company that you can align your values with more easily than any other run-of-the-mill puzzle company that you can find online.

Here at Lemonade Pursuits, we pride ourselves on being a women-owned and women-driven puzzle company! When you're supporting us with your dollar, you're supporting the female artists that design the puzzles, as well as the platform that is being given to them! So again, where do you want your dollars power to go?

Do You Need It?

where to buy jigsaw puzzles do you need it?

Please ask yourself this before going and buying something online. Listen, it's painfully easy to buy things online. Whether you're shopping with a clear conscious, or it's 2am insomnia driven scroll shopping for no good reason, you should ask yourself if you truly need it right at that moment before committing your dollar.

I'm sure all of us have been guilty of shopping at random (lately for me it's been Instagram jewelry ads). After an initial search it may feel great to just go with the first thing you find, but do you really need it right at that moment? There's so much power in clarity when you take a step back and allow yourself more time to look at your options before committing.

Maybe you'll consider looking in-person, or even just checking out a few more online stores before committing. Whatever the choice you make, your last thought before hitting that order confirmation button should be 'Do I really need this right now?' Here at Lemonade Pursuits, we love rational decision making!

Where To Buy Jigsaw Puzzles In-Person


So you've decided to take the in-person route, if you're reading this article it means you're really interested in making the best decision before you hit the stores! Congratulations, you're already a better shopper than most (according to marketing fundamentals) if you've taken this step.

When I was first planning this article I really had to sit down and think of where I could find puzzles at a brick and mortar store. Bookstores are usually the first place we can look at! Barnes & Nobles, Writer's Block, Mom & Pop Shops, Borders (R.I.P.), all usually have a section dedicated to jigsaw puzzles and other puzzles.

You may have to do some looking around if you're really taking the puzzle hunt seriously, maybe even just take note of the brands and do some more research, but having the puzzle box in your hand really lets you know more about the puzzle than online shopping does!

Toy Stores

Another good place to search is toy stores, or even the toys sections of stores like Target or Walmart. While the selection and quality may not be as intense as other in-person shopping options, and they may tend to stray a little more childish than you're looking for, it's still worth a look! You can find some diamond's in the rough by looking at some toy stores.

Puzzle Stores

Now I'm not sure how common this is in other states and cities, but if you're lucky you may have a dedicated puzzle store near you. One that specializes in solely jigsaw puzzles or even just anything that makes the mind really work. Stores like these can usually be found in malls, outlets, strip malls, or small main streets. It's more likely that you'll happen upon these stores by chance than anything else.

Stores like these can be absolute gold mines for serious puzzle connoisseurs. If you're able to find one near you, definitely check it out and maybe wait until payday to do it.

Home-Good's Stores

This was is really a hit-or-miss, but still worth checking out if it's on your way home. While the selection's here are most likely going to be the smallest and very missed-matched, there's still a chance that you'll find a puzzle you can fall in love with! Try and stick to brands that you've become familiar with in these cases, unless you feel like trying something new. In my experience you can find some really great quality puzzles and some really questionable quality puzzles.

So there it is! Again, we hope that we've helped in the smallest way possible if at anything. Good luck puzzle hunting!