Why Jigsaw Puzzles For Adults Are So Popular

Why Jigsaw Puzzles For Adults Are So Popular

Have you found yourself googling for Jigsaw Puzzles 'For Adults?'

That little addition of the for adults after your initial search for just jigsaw puzzles being met with children's jigsaw puzzles always hits a little different at our heart and ego. But, you know that you're not the only person looking for jigsaw puzzles for adults! There isn't any reason you should feel bad about looking for jigsaw puzzles for adults, you're an adult and you can spend your money and choose your relaxation method yourself!

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But why does it seem like we're starting to become our parents?

Memories of when you used to do family puzzles as a kid, or maybe forced to do family puzzles, come flooding back and now you're sitting here thinking why are jigsaw puzzles for adults so popular now? We grew up with them and now we seem to be coming back to them as a way of recuperating from our adult lives.

That's just the thing! We understand that jigsaw puzzles are a way for us to revert back to the childhood peace we're yearning for!

Those memories of being a child and being with our family all snug and working on a puzzle together are powerful memories! Our minds understand that we can associate a good jigsaw puzzle with that feeling and place of comfort. We live such stressful and anxiety-inducing lives. We struggle to find time for ourselves and to just enjoy silence. A classic jigsaw puzzle for adults is just the thing we need to take us back to an easier time.

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We grew up with this method of family entertainment and now it's what we use to help us just stop adulting for a minute. We can just sit down and focus on something piece-by-piece until we have a finalized and beautiful piece of art. If you need help in finding a sense of peace when you're working on a jigsaw puzzle, here's another article on how to get the most out of your jigsaw puzzle for adults experience!

We just need something to slow down with and jigsaw puzzles 'for adults' are the perfect method for us!

Things just seem like they're moving so fast now! I'm not sure if you feel it the way we do, but ever since we got out of college time just seems so much faster! Our friends are getting married, having children, we're getting actual grown-up jobs. Life is moving at light speed! Giving ourselves the time to slow down and act against the speed at which everything is moving is so reassuring that we move at our own pace!

While it may seem that life doesn't have the capacity to give us the time and space we need, we need to tell ourselves it's okay to make that time and space for ourselves!

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This might be the place where that little twinge of an ego hit comes when we look up those jigsaw puzzles for adults in google. The responsibilities of our lives are constantly trying to tell us we no longer need 'me' time, or that if we have a hobby we need to monetize on it quickly in order for it to be valid. But, it's all valid! So here's our call to action, grab your 'adult' jigsaw puzzle and just make that time for yourself. Make that space for yourself in your home to sit down and work on it and give yourself everything you need in those moments. You deserve it and it's up to us to keep rooting for each other's self care and wellness methods!