Puzzle Life

  • How To Find The Best 1000 Piece Puzzles For Adults

    Do you find yourself Googling '1000 Piece Puzzles For Adults' when looking for a new puzzle? We understand that there may be a shred of embarrassme...
  • Taking Action for Equality

    I intentionally backed off of social media last week, taking the time instead to educate myself about the systemic racism within our police system ...
  • We're donating 20% of all sales to help increase access to affordable therapy

    The gift that gives! On Giving Tuesday (12/3/19) we are donating 20% of every puzzle sale to Open Path Collective, a non-profit nationwide network of mental health professionals.
  • The Nightmare Before Thanksgiving: Shipping Logistics

    It turns out, shipping logistics are complicated. Who knew? For example, if you have puzzles delivered by a truck, they’ll come on pallets and you’ll need a FORKLIFT or pallet lifter to unload them. Add those to the list of things I don’t own, along with a rolling pin and butter.