The Lemonade Pursuits Story

I couldn’t stop crying. Every question on the mental health questionnaire had resonated with me. I felt vulnerable and ashamed as my doctor reviewed my answers, her face visibly concerned.

Too young to handle the truth

But I was also relieved; I was no longer suffering in silence, trying to minimize my anxiety. I was dealing with something real. Something that millions around the world manage every day.

I left the doctor’s office and decided to approach my new diagnosis just as I would a physical illness, identifying things that help and things that hurt. I quickly realized that puzzles make me feel great. Doing a puzzle is the only thing that slows down the buzzing in my brain. And, in solving a smaller puzzle, I have confidence to take on the challenges that life presents.

That’s when I decided to start Lemonade Pursuits. Our mission is to positively harness the mental energy that causes anxiety. In pursuit of this mission, we reinvented the jigsaw puzzle.

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