About Our Jigsaw Puzzles

Lemonade Pursuits is a woman-owned business that wants to improve the community, one puzzle piece at a time. We firmly believe that work and play are equally important, and that art is one of the best things you can do during your downtime. So, we feature a beautiful range of puzzles that everyone will enjoy.

Here are a few more things we want you to know about our puzzles:

  • We say no to puzzle intimidation.

Our puzzles come in various difficulty levels so everyone can enjoy the benefits of a puzzle.

  • We’re leveling out the playing field.

Not many game manufacturers are owned by women. We’re leveling it out one piece at a time.

  • Every purchase makes the community better.

Every time you purchase a puzzle, you’re contributing to affordable therapy for those in need.

  • We advocate humane work conditions.

All our products are made in the US. We make sure our manufacturers have a living wage.

  • We stand by eco-friendly art products.

We use recycled chipboard, soy inks, and biodegradable plastics for our products and packaging.

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