fern puzzle art
1000 Piece Four Ferns Jigsaw Puzzle designed by Juliana Lupacchino
Close Up of 1000 Piece Four Ferns Art Jigsaw Puzzle
Close Up of 1000 Piece Four Ferns Art Jigsaw Puzzle
1000 Piece Four Ferns Jigsaw Puzzle Box and Insert
Back of 1000 Piece Four Ferns Puzzle with Artist Bio

Four Ferns by JuLu (1000 piece puzzle)

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Create a feeling of tranquility with our Four Ferns 1000 piece puzzle! This jigsaw puzzle comes with 1000 vibrantly colored pieces that you can put together over and over again. Or! After putting it all together, you can create puzzle wall art for your home by adding a gorgeous frame! Not sure how to frame your jigsaw puzzle? Learn more about framing your jigsaw puzzle here!

The artist of this work, Juliana Lupacchino (aka JuLu) is a native of Savannah, Georgia. She believes that there lies a sense of freedom when you leave the brush behind.

Every box includes an insert with the full image to guide your puzzling. Pro-tip, you can frame the insert and it becomes wall art, too! You'll also find an artist biography on the back of each box.

Our puzzle pieces are unique shapes, which make puzzling more fun than your standard pieces. A perfect challenge for those looking for a jigsaw puzzle for adults! We pride ourselves on the high quality, soft-touch finish of our pieces, which is also anti-glare so no more ducking and dodging around lamp light.

Completed puzzle is 19.3" by 26.6"

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Lovely Puzzle!

I received this puzzle in my Earthlove box and it was so pretty! I put it together with my mom and we enjoyed it very much :)

Aneta H.
Beautiful, high-quality puzzle

I loved every single second I spent with this puzzle, the pieces are so nice to touch, the colors are beautiful, the whole puzzle is extremely aesthetically pleasing. It did not take long to put together and I'll definitely be looking into buying some more puzzles like this one.

Bold graphics

I thought I might give this puzzle to a friend, but ended up doing it myself, and very glad I did. The graphic design was a lot of fun! And the quality of the pieces was great.

VIncent West
Very nice puzzle

This was very enjoyable

Dina Wilks
Four Ferns

Highly recommend