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Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous matte, fully inter-locking pieces!

I really enjoyed putting this puzzle together. The quality is great; sturdy pieces, no glare, fit well, and beautiful image!

Oh my god

I've done a lot of puzzles, but wow am I impressed with Lemonade! This is by far the highest quality puzzle I've bought. The pieces are cleanly cut, fit together very nicely, and don't break/tear when you need to pull pieces apart. Also the texture and finish are amazing and so satisfying! It's a matte or satin finish. It's very unique and just so pleasant! Also it reduces glare SO MUCH!

As for the artwork of this puzzle, I love it! The lines are crisp and it was just challenging enough! I originally planned to frame it or give it to a friend after finishing it but actually decided to keep it and do it again in a couple of years! It had a lot of variety and would be fun to repeat! Also, the art print that came in the box is frame-worthy itself. The paper quality was great! Maybe I'll frame that!

I've already ordered more puzzles from Lemonade. They really are the best!!

Great 1000pc puzzle

Beautiful puzzle, the little patterns inside the puzzle make this easy to accomplish despite the size (1000pc). Excited to finish and frame it!

Awesome Puzzle!

Beautiful puzzle design and great quality, it even came with a nice handwritten note and sticker!

Matte. high quality pieces are a puzzle game changer!

The puzzle is so well constructed, making it so fun to work on, and the pieces have a matte finish means no glare on your eyes! It's a serious puzzle game changer! This design is also just so beautiful!